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Does your office pass the 3-second, 3-finger cleanliness test?

Commercial Office CleaningIs your office environment really clean? Try this 3-second test:

  1. Stand up out of your chair and run 3 fingers down behind your computer monitor.
  2. Are your fingers clean? Then please leave a thank you note for your cleaner because they’re doing a great job!
  3. Is your hand covered in dust? Your current office cleaners are not doing their job! You may need to wash your hand and call us on: 03 9499 6851, or get a quick quote.

You never get a second chance to make a great first impression!

Your office is the public face of your company. First impressions are critical because it’s where you welcome new clients, visitors and new employees – and you won’t get another chance to make a good first impression!

The cleanliness of this office environment is not only critical to how your office looks, but it’s also directly related to your bottom line. A properly cleaned office space can actually reduce employee absenteeism caused by sick days due to bacteria or viruses in the office environment.

When you partner with iClean Facility Services, our team of commercial office cleaners will deliver maximum bang for your buck – and that’s guaranteed!

We’re the hardest working commercial office cleaning company in Melbourne.

Our commercial office cleaners are detail-focused and often catch what other office cleaning companies miss. We don’t rush our jobs. We do the job right the first time and every time. Why? Because as a small family company (not a large franchise) our reputation is always on the line.

Quality assurance, time tracking, check sheets and performance inspections.

Commercial CleaningOur Quality Assurance measures include real-time tracking and check sheets. Once our cleaners arrive at your office, they’ll log into our time tracking app and log out when they finish.

This allows us to track our team to ensure you get full value for your investment. Added to this is our check sheet system, which makes certain our Melbourne office cleaners tick off all of your cleaning needs.

Finally, our cleaning managers will undertake inspections on a regular basis to ensure that office cleaning is being done to your satisfaction.

When you choose iClean Facility Services, you’re in safe and reliable hands.

We stand behind our janitorial cleaning services with an iron-clad money-back guarantee. We promise you outstanding service and attention-to-detail to your office’s unique commercial cleaning requirements. If we fail to meet your expectations you’ll receive one (1) week’s cleaning for free.

Hand-picked commercial office cleaning staff.

We only hire reliable, mostly-mature, hard-working personnel who take responsibility for their work and won’t let you down.

Our comprehensive recruitment process fully vets all of our cleaning staff prior to employment. Our checks include:

  • Australian Federal Police clearance;
  • Ongoing training in the latest cleaning technologies;
  • Have their own car.

Our commercial office cleaning services include:

  • Mopping, vacuuming, steam cleaning and/or sweeping of all floors.
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of all frequently used surface areas:
    • Desks, computers and chairs
    • Countertops, sinks, benches
    • Baseboards, walls and whiteboards
  • Staff breakout area cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial cleaning of toilets, urinals, cisterns & hand basins.
  • Window cleaning including window sills, blinds and curtains
  • Rubbish removal
  • … and any other unique cleaning requirements of your office

Ready to be impressed by a cleaning company with Integrity?

Whatever your needs, from daily commercial office cleaning services to an end-of-lease clean, let us impress you! Get a quick quote today or call 1300 763 356 to speak to one of our sales consultants.

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