What Makes Us So Different?

We have developed unique technologies and systems which underpin us as Australia's best corporate cleaning company.

Let GPS Track Your School Cleaning

GPS tracks our cleaners every move which ensures we spend the correct amount of time cleaning your premises. Unparalleled Accountability.

How Bluetooth Technology Helps Clean My Office?

Our cleaners complete activity sheets on their iPhones in real time as they're cleaning your office. This gives you Control & Transparency.

Commercial Cleaning Melbourne & Eastern Suburbs

“The follow up by your company is great, it’s having a very positive effect on the consistency of the cleaning.”  – City of Whitehorse, Victoria.

Ready to be impressed by a cleaning company?

Imagine a cleaning company with integrity that actually delivers on its promise consistently week in, week out? A commercial cleaning company with an iron-clad guarantee to ensure your complete satisfaction and value for money?

Welcome to iClean Facility Services!

We’re a Melbourne commercial cleaning company located in the Eastern Suburbs. Our special focus is on small, medium and large educational and commercial buildings and facilities management:

Why choose us as your cleaning company? Because you never get a second chance to make a great first impression!


Need another reason? See 10 Good Reasons to Choose Integrity.

FREE BONUS: When you choose us you’ll also get:

  • FREE Spring Clean (value $665.00):
  • Steam cleaning of all carpets and mats
  • Detailed clean of your centre
  • Detailed clean of your office
  • High dusting of lights, fans and removal of all cobwebs
  • Detailed clean and scrubbing of all toilets
  • Machine scrub of all hard floors in toilets and kitchen

Ready to be impressed?

Call 1300 763 356 to speak to one of our sales consultants.

We are part of the iClean Facility Services Group